November 4, 2018


Bilal Qaayyum has proved to many his outstanding outreach efforts. Here are some testimonials of his hard work and efforts.

Why I support Bilal Abdul Qayyum

In April of 2016, The Strong Families Commission, Incorporated celebrated the life of two of America’s outstanding advocates for Fathers and Families; Bilal Abdul Qayyum, President and Executive Director of the Father’s Day Rally Committee, was one of the two.

I have known Bilal for over 30 year, but it has been only during the last 10 years that I have really gotten to know and appreciate his love and personal sacrifice for African American people. Through many hours of conversations I have gotten to know his hopes and dreams for a people who seem to be endlessly treading water and in too many cases, drowning. His compassion for our well-being is a beacon for all who care about the well-ness of others.

Bilal, an activist born out of the ‘60s civil rights movement, never seems to stop reminds us all to not forget our connectivity to the home land from which most of us come. He never seems to stop caring about our diminishing collective condition in this country, and he is obsessed it seems with being in every fight about the rights of all humanity.

I must admit that I don’t always agree with his positions nor approaches, but I always have respect for his willingness to make a difference in the lives of people of color – that is why I support Bilal.

Dr. Rufus Sylvester Lynch, ACSW
October 27, 2018


Of the list of positive attributes I can ascribe to Brother Bilal Qayyum, first on the list would have to be “heart”. About fifty-six or so years ago, Bilal, I and countless others were schoolyard basketball junkies.  Our need for a fix bordered on daily, irrespective of the academic demands of high school. Bilal was always the thinnest brother on the court (not nearly as tall then as now), and he would play hard with anyone, even revered players like Wali Jones who eventually played with the NBA Champions Philadelphia 76ers. Even though I advanced higher in basketball at my high school, I never had Bilal’s heart to get out there with the best.

Bilal brought that same heart to the struggle that transformed into the Black Power Movement of the Sixties, which caused his addiction to basketball to transform into an undying commitment to the uplift of African American people wherever he went and wherever he found employment. After some years in college, Bilal sought his calling elsewhere, and while rising to various respected posts within the public sector of Philadelphia, he always left one foot in the Black community, which is where his greatest efforts and accomplishments were invested and realized. After 50 years of community activism, Bilal is likely among the top five people most known, respected and connected in the City of Philadelphia, principally because his commitment is unquestioned.
— Lincoln Trower


I am a long-time supporter of and more recently, colleague of Bilal Qayyum. I’ve know Bilal for nearly two decades and during this time, he has exemplified what it means to empower the most vulnerable amonst us; to be civic-minded; and, to demonstrate his love for this city.

Bilal is a consistant and reliable force for progessive change in the African-American community and the entire City of Philadelphia. Wether by walking to Harrisburg, PA to protest the lack of quality job oppurtunities for marginalized folks in our Commonwealth, his rallys in the streets of Philadelphia to protest the epademic of gun violence or organizing by the Father’s Day Rally Committee events, Bilal is and has always been a tireless advocate for equity and civic advancement.

Sometime ago, I read the definition of the term “Standard Bearer”- it described a type of person that was, “a soldier who is responsible for carrying the distinctive flag of a unit, regiment, or army; a leading figure in a cause or movement…” – This definition in-part describes Bilal Qayyum. He is that dutiful soldier who has the endurance and leadership skills to nurture potential into performance. Bilal is a unique talent and it has been my pleasure to work with him.

— Jerome Shabazz, MS, Executive Director
Overbrook Environmental Education Center


I’ve had the opportunity to work with you on Men United for a Better Philadelphia, Father’s Day Rally Committee, Philadelphia Anti-Violence Committee along with several workshops designed to respond to community issues enhancing the quality of life. In all of these meetings, I’ve networked with representatives of major organizations, politicians, celebrities, companies, and radio and television executives. Your hard work, dedication and commitment is one of the best I’ve seen over the years, the admiration and respect many of these people have for you is constantly displayed in relationships. Your commitment far exceeds many of those I’ve worked with in the past. I cannot count the hours you permitted me to share with you on the phone or at your home. One thing I will never forget is you “walking” from Philadelphia to Harrisburg! I have no idea of the miles I’ve put on my car travelling from Atlantic City to Philadelphia but I can assure you when my phone rings my family says, “It’s Brother Bilal.”

— Umar B. Salahuddin