November 4, 2018

About Bilal

Bilal Abdul Qayyum
President and Executive Director
The Father’s Day Rally Committee, Inc.

Bilal Abdul Qayyum is President and Executive Director of the Father’s Day Rally Committee, Inc. (FDRC), established in 1989. He is also the co-founder which indicates a dedication to its mission equaling 23 years. However, twenty-three years and 1989 do not mark his beginning, and this is what is all-inspiring. FDRC’s mission is to implement grassroots, call-to-action, responsible community campaigns in response to societal and community challenges facing African-American fathers, males at risk and the community in Philadelphia/Delaware Valley. Bilal is on a mission.

HE BEGAN: Bilal was born to a family headed by a morally-rooted, family/extended responsibility, love and sharing mother who fostered him and his brother at a very early age, the importance of “giving-back” and remembering “you are your brother’s keeper”.

HE TOOK FORM: Bilal realized he was an activist. It was cemented during the ’60s Civil Rights Movement while he attended Tennessee State University where he majored in Business and Sociology; he became influenced by historical figures such as Stockley Carmichael and H. Rap Brown. His drive and leadership as a community organizer led him back to his hometown of Philadelphia where as the Director of a non-profit organization, he became the voice in West Philadelphia that led to such things as a full service inner-city supermarket.

HE EMERGED: Bilal emerged as an effective administrator and a fierce and vocal leader that led him to serve Philadelphia’s city government under an unprecedented five administrations – in the offices of Community and Youth Employment; Housing and Community Development; Economic Development for the Department of Commerce – spanning 29 years.

In addition to overseeing multi-million dollar city-projects, Qayyum serves on many community boards such as Philadephia’s Multicultural Affairs Congress and Stop the Madness/Stop the Violence Coalition. His passion for inclusion and economic opportunities led to the creation of Philadelphia’s African American Chamber of Commerce and Philadelphia’s first Minority Enterprise Development Conference – a weeklong of instructional and network meetings for minority owned businesses — MED WEEK

His effective leadership and tireless contributions have led him to be ranked by the Philadelphia Tribune as one of Philadelphia’s most influential African Americans for five years (2005 -09). He shared the honor of the region’s most influential leaders with U.S. Congressmen Chaka Fattah and former Philadelphia Mayor John Street.

HE IS: FDRC under the leadership of Bilal has instituted programs such as the annual Father’s Day Picnic (drawing more than 2,000 families); Project Save A Life – encouraging life-skills for African American males and their families; Jobs Not Guns a 103 mile, 5 day walk from Philadelphia to Harrisburg; Fathers Fed Up and a litany of other programs aimed at placing African America issues on the front burner of political platforms. From a corner activitist to a national lecturer and the leader of FDRC, Bilal Qayyum’s dedication to the Delaware Valley community and beyond has spanned over 40 years.

He is the beloved father to 5 and grandfather of 12.