3 areas of Bilal

Consultant Focus
Go to Anti-Violence Activist

Anti-Violence Activist

How to develop a anti-violence movement from the grass root level. How to organize and develop coalition and community mobilization around reducing violence. Consultation and training government (local and state) and community based groups.

Go to Father’s Involvement

Father’s Involvement

How to build Fatherhood groups promoting Fatherhood programs that create more fathers involved in their children life. Event planning around Fathers and community support. Blended family training.

Go to Men and Young Males Programs

Men and Young Males Programs

How to develop men groups facing on comprehensive life plan and curriculum development. How to build stronger relationship between men and boys by creating rite of passage programs.

FDRC's mission is to implement grassroots, call-to-action, responsible community campaigns in response to societal and community challenges facing African-American fathers, males at risk and the community in Philadelphia/Delaware Valley.